Copyright Services

We advise and represent clients in a broad range of issues relating to the acquisition, transfer, exploitation, negotiation, preservation, and protection of their rights in copyrightable works.

Types of Clients

Our clients include authors; playwrights; musicians; composers; artists; designers; performers; print and electronic publishers; web site owners, developers, and users; and others engaged in creating and disseminating copyrightable works, musical works, open and proprietary source software, content, and databases.

Data Protection, Web Sites, and Electronic Publishing

We provide a full range of advice and services supporting the creation, development, maintenance, exploitation, and protection of web sites and electronic publishers. These issues range from copyrightable content and use to terms of web site use; licensing, and scraping of content; privacy; defamation; and the exercise of First Amendment rights. We regularly counsel clients on the most efficient and practical means to protect software and databases through copyright, patent, trade secret, and other methods. We also assist our clients in protecting their copyrighted works on third-party websites by drafting and enforcing notice and take-down letters under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).